Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pool Gate Closers

Slam Proof hydraulic gate closers can be used to securely close pool gates and improve pool safety. Unlike self closing spring hinges the Slam Proof gate closers don't slam the gates shut, but firmly close the gate at a controlled speed which prevents the risk of injury and reduces noise. Slam Proof gate closers can be fitted to commercial or residential pool gates manufactured from steel, wood or vinyl. The popular GC-19-300N is suitable for closing gates up to 1.2m wide and weighing up to 50kg. For larger gates we recommend the GC-22-500N, which is suitable for closing gates weighing up to 100kg. The closing force can be easily reduced using an adjuster tool and mounting brackets are available to simplify installation.

For more information or if you would be interested in distributing our hydraulic pedestrian gate closers in your area, please contact the below email address to discuss further.


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