Friday, 7 February 2014

Shock Absorbers, Buffers & Dampers for Lifts & Elevators

Slam Proof supply a large range of deceleration products designed to improve passenger and freight elevator safety. Below is an overview of the available product groups:

Hydraulic elevator shock absorbers are mounted at the base of an elevator shaft and function as a safety device in the event that the elevator car or counter weight travels past the final stop position. During impact the shock absorber gradually brings the elevator car to rest significantly reducing the forces generated. For lifts and elevators with low impact speeds (less than 1.2 m/s), we offer a range of polyurethane elevator buffers. The durable microcellular construction provides the buffers with a high rate of energy absorption and makes them maintenance free. Elevator shock absorbers and buffers both conform to lift guideline 95/16/EC.

Our hydraulic door dampers are commonly used to decelerate an elevator door before its final position, providing the door with smooth and controlled movement. The door dampers are adjustable which allows the compression speed to be easily set and are available with a spring or magnet return to reset the piston rod. 

Deceleration cylinders can be used to safely control the opening and closing speed of doors and maintenance hatches, as well as limiting swinging and oscillating movements. The deceleration cylinders are adjustable and available with speed control in both directions of travel (compression and extension) or single direction (compression or extension) to suit the application requirements.

For more information regarding our range of products or technical assistance selecting a suitable model please contact us:

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