Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hydraulic Speed & Feed Controls

Single acting hydraulic speed controls are ideal for precision drilling, cutting, grinding and sawing by providing a constant rate of damping through the complete stroke in compression. The feed rate can easily be varied by turning the graduated dial adjuster situated at the rear end of the speed control. Models are available for controlling high feed forces up to 10,000N and with stroke lengths up to 150mm.

Double acting speed controls provide precise and continuous control over the complete stroke in both compression and extension (note: single acting versions are also available). Common uses include controlling the speed of linear slides, pneumatic cylinders, turnstiles, swing doors and rehabilitation exercise equipment. Models are available with stroke lengths up to 500mm and can control forces up to 20,000N.

For more information regarding our range of hydraulic speed controls or technical assistance selecting a suitable model please contact us.

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