Thursday, 4 July 2013

Passive Vibration Isolation Mounts

Passive vibration isolation mounts have both spring and damping characteristics. The combination of these characteristics along with the mass being supported determine the mounts natural frequency and its ability to damp vibration.

When vibration is applied to a system, energy is transferred most efficiently when the vibration frequency is equal to the mounts natural frequency and energy is transferred least efficiently when the natural frequency is lower than the vibration frequency. Therefore the lower the natural frequency of the anti vibration mount the higher the degree of isolation.

Slam Proof supply a range of different types of vibration isolation mounts:

  • Air Springs, have very low natural frequencies and are ideal for isolating laboratory equipment and large industrial machines.
  • Elastomer Mounts, are formed from micro-cellular polyurethane and can provide up to 90% isolation for exciting frequencies as low as 6Hz.
  • Metal Cushions, have excellent corrosion resistance formed from stainless steel mesh sets. They are ideal for isolating high frequency machines, operating above 30Hz.
  • Isolation Hangers, are a type of metal cushion mount designed for use in tension. Ideal for pipelines, ductwork and suspended equipment such as those used on oil rigs.
  • Damping Plates, are ideal when a large surface requires isolating from vibration or shock.
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