Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Motion Control for the Nuclear Industry

The UK's nuclear industry could soon expand with Hitachi recently signing a £700m deal for rights to build a new generation of nuclear plants. The construction of these new power plants is expected to create approximately 6,000 new jobs at each site and 1,000s more in the supply chain.

The construction of these new sites will provide many challenges for engineers, one of these being the safe transportation and handling of materials. Slam Proof have a large range of motion control products which can be utilised to overcome these challenges.

Elasto-fluid shock absorbers can be fitted to the rail and crane systems used to transport heavy construction materials to the new sites. When the power plant is completed and in operation, these products can be used to ensure waste is safely transported from the site.

When space is limited or the impact speed is low, PUR crane buffers can be used to provide end of travel damping.

Deceleration cylinders and speed controls  can be used to control the swinging movement of suspended masses and control the closing speed of a large range of guards, hatches and doors.

Air springs provide a dual function, they can be used for vibration isolation and also for lifting heavy masses. Air springs are maintenance free and easy to install, corrosion resistant stainless steel models are available.

To view the full range of available products please visit www.slamproof.co.uk.

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