Friday, 31 August 2012

What is a Locking Gas Spring?

The main difference between a lockable gas spring and a standard gas spring / gas strut, is that a lockable gas springs position can be controlled over the complete stroke by the push of a button or lifting a lever.

The elastic locking gas spring is the most basic type. The valve is locked in nitrogen gas, which is compressible. Therefore depending on the amount of force applied the piston rod can be displaced.

In a rigid locking gas spring, the valve is locked in oil, which cannot be compressed and a displacement does not occur. The extension force is provided by a separated chamber filled with nitrogen gas.

So where can a lockable gas spring be used?

Typical applications include:

  • Height adjustable tables and chairs
  • Vehicle seating
  • Medical bed back rest adjustment
  • Aircraft storage compartments
  • Chart/Drawing board workstations 

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